She looks smaller from outside her head (deliriumdeiight) wrote in its_not_so_easy,
She looks smaller from outside her head

New Girl!

Name? Gwyndolyn
Age? 22
Do you cut? Not anymore (for about a year)
Who knows about it? My family, some friends
Have you ever tried to commit suicide before? yes
Where do you usually cut? legs, arms, face, breasts, back
When you cut, who's usually the first to find out? whoever sees it first- which usually doesn't happen much
What's your worst experience with a fresh cut? One time I ripped a 2 1/2 foot scar in my leg with a knife and had to stich it together with floss
Do you have a fascination with scabs? not really, more with blood
Do you like scars, yes or no? not really, have too many...
Do you name your razor? no
What other methods of SI do you use? burning sometimes, fidgeting and picking open scabs and scars CONSTANTLY
Do you dislike the term "self mutilation"? eh, I dunno
What various ways do you use to hide cuts? wear clothing
Once cuts heal, do you still hide the scars? yea, i am really self-consious about it
Ever been institutionalized/hospitalized for SI'ing? yes
Do you ever run into problems with hiding cuts (i.e: gym change rooms)? yea, I don't wear shorts or swim much because of it and people question it
What's the best part about cutting to you? the blood
Do you know of any songs that talk about SI? hurt by NIN
What instrument do you use to cut? exacto knife, box-cutter, razors, hunting knives
What causes you to cut? obsession with blood, emotional pain
What do you feel afterwards? shame, release
What is your closest Close Call? When I was institutionalized at 15- i looked like raw meat- I actually made people vomit when they looked at me
How long have you been doing it? since i was 13 or 14
Do you keep a razor in your bag? not anymore
Ever needed stitches for a cut so deep?i always gave myself stiches
Do you have someone like a therapist you talk to regularly? yes
Do you have any other disorders not associated with SI? drug addiction, bipolar disorder
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