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Sometimes It's Hard

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Sometimes it's important to have a place where you can rant or look for comfort away from the people you know. This community is dedicated (like many others) to give support and help to anyone who needs it.

In order for this community to be treated properly, we do encourage that you follow a few small rules.


*Put pictures and long rants/surveys behind an ljcut.
*NO racism or facism
*Do not insult or post rude comments
*Do not taunt or 'jeer' anyone
*Please do not encourage suicide or seriously harmful behaviours
*We DO allow advertising, but please i) ask before you put anything up (contact a maintainer) and ii) ensure that the community or whatever you are advertising is relevant to our community



If you need to contact either of us, please feel free to.

Adam - (aitcyk)

Aim: DaRtH1SkULL
Msn & Email: malevolent_delight@hotmail.com

Suzie - (babyvoice)

Msn & Email: suzanne_ellis@hotmail.com
Aim: BabyvoiceSA

Feel free to contact us with problems, suggestions or anything. It's cool. We'll do our best to help.

Sister communities... my_missing_skin and lonely_scars

If you're new, introduce yourself, either your own way or with a survey (This one's an example, you can use whatever)

Do you cut?
Who knows about it?
Have you ever tried to commit suicide before?
Where do you usually cut?
When you cut, who's usually the first to find out?
What's your worst experience with a fresh cut?
Do you have a fascination with scabs?
Do you like scars, yes or no?
Do you name your razor?
What other methods of SI do you use?
Do you dislike the term "self mutilation"?
What various ways do you use to hide cuts?
Once cuts heal, do you still hide the scars?
Ever been institutionalized/hospitalized for SI'ing?
Do you ever run into problems with hiding cuts (i.e: gym change rooms)?
What's the best part about cutting to you?
Do you know of any songs that talk about SI?
What instrument do you use to cut?
What causes you to cut?
What do you feel afterwards?
What is your closest Close Call?
How long have you been doing it?
Do you keep a razor in your bag?
Ever needed stitches for a cut so deep?
Do you have someone like a therapist you talk to regularly?
Do you have any other disorders not associated with SI?